I invite you to my badass Free event on Tuesday, February 9th💕✨💎

Where I lay out exactly how you get to 
💎elevate your business+ life 
💎with of sh*t tons of pleasure,
💎experience more power, freedom, + fun
💎+ how to make so much more money by owning your desires 

because we can! :)


Okay sexy babe, LISTEN UP

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my first full time year in business it’s that making money is easy.💰really really easy.
And having a business is easy as f*ck.

BEING a business owner on the other hand.....b*tch that’s a different story 😂🤦‍♀️💵

What I see happening most is that you’re having a hard to showing up through all of the life challenges AND 

getting swept up in every Tom, Roger, and Sally’s “5 steps to 7 figures in 2 days” methods. 😘

And I certainly did that too! like allllll the time haha. I was a full time freebie expert.

Thinking that once I 
-woke up at 3am
-drank my bulletproof coffee
-did an Ironman
-read an ENTIRE book
-meditated for 5 hours in my infrared sauna 
All in one morning...
👉THEN I’d be worthy + ready to be on the same level of abundance as these “experts”. 🤦‍♀️😭 

y’all I was CONVINCED. I know I’m not alone lmao

Even worse, I would listen to people who made me feel scared! 

....Like I wouldn’t be successful without them or that I would be doing something wrong.

That’s not the vibe in the Aquarian Age. Triggering people for cash. 🙅‍♀️

But what I am here to do is invite you into is the ease, pleasure, unconditional love + org@smic radiance that is your liberated self.

The actual f*cking truth is that birthing your business or taking it to the level you want gets to be so sexy, easy, + feel GOOD AF. 

So sit back on that throne sis, there’s no need to chase what’s yours🌹

I’m teaching you on 
✨February 9th ~mark your calendars~ 
👉How to create a successful business from shit tons of pleasure that gives you freedom on every level + makes you lots of money🍯

By owning your desires + liberating shame.

Giving you the SIMPLEST most delicious recipe for success that revolves around you 
-loving the efff out of yourself,
-prioritizing your desires, and 
-literally throwing ALL the distracting noise out the window. 

Yes b*tch🔥

When my clients prioritize themselves above their business no matter WHAT, I know they’re not only going to be successful but also create massive amounts of healing for others.

The only thing you need to do to receive + be a part of the training is to get your beautiful bum in the Fb group!💋💎✨

✨Goinng down February 9th




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