Hey love! I'm Sam -- your empowered spiritual sister who convinces you to dance in the street to no music and believe in all your wildest dreams by healing the BS from the past and stepping into your Bravest self!

I am a true Aquarius and a Projector in Human Design --I want to save the world and make everyone feel loved at the same time; which makes me a fully recovered “nice girl” and people pleaser! Boundaries are the shiz.

As a Reiki Master & Teacher and Modern Shaman who is also certified in NLP, EFT, and Hypnosis I absolutely love all things witchy and woo and brain hacking to help you make your higher self → your daily self.

Throughout my major transformation over the last four years I have learned deep down to my core how becoming my best self, and my bravest self led me to more abundance I have ever experienced in my life!

What I know is true and what I want to share with you is that when you master unconditional self love, your energy, and your emotions, you are in a place where you take more risks, you get bold, and omg you even begin to BELIEVE in yourself!! 

Haha, but for real, not an easy thing for most of us who have been through some tougher times! I have found that when you take action, you not only become abundant as fuck, but you heal even more.

It’s a beautiful process that has allowed my clients to magnetize whatever they desire to them, more clients, a new job, a raise, a new relationship, more self love and confidence they have ever had, finally healing from pain they have carried around for YEARS. 

But most importantly, they step into the version of themselves they have always wanted to be, and always HAVE been, just without the baggage. ;)

Since using my own methods of healing and magnetizing abundance I have created:

-A Youtube channel with a million views

-THE dream apartment with all the good vibes

-A beautiful relationship with my partner of many years that still feels like the honeymoon phase

-My dream car! A White Jeep Wrangler 4 door

-Getting my writing published on major sites!

-7 different income streams that flow effortlessly

-Traveling and working on the road (so fun!)

-An amazing group of sisters in my city that inspire and support me

-Images from my instagram going viral to combined audiences of over 3 million people

-Having countless women messaging me about my work saying how it has changed their lives forever

-A thriving spiritual business!

-Created a magical Flower Essence Line for Girl Bosses

-More confidence, unconditional self love, and inner peace than I have ever experienced.

If we’re not already friends on Instagram please message me because I love meeting new friends who want to create more love and freedom in this world by becoming Abundant As Fuck.

The only thing it requires is Bravery!

Samantha is a Reiki Master + Teacher, Shaman, and business mentor based out of Philadelphia.


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