Samantha B. Love is here to lovingly guide your Sexual, Financial, and Emotion liberation from old wounds, patterns, and the patriarchy. 

She focuses on her framework developed through her Shamanic Sex teachings of worship, polarity, energy work, pleasure practice, soul retrieval, and neuroscience to guide her clients through major deaths and rebirths of their being.

Her Business work was ignited after a few life threatening experiences and her business was thrusted into reality after suffering from an illness for a few months that caused her to be unable to work, fired from her job, lost her car, and unable to pay rent, and there was no other option than to make her business work. She borrorwed $600 from her boyfriend at the time and signed up to work with a coach. From that point on her business made $1.5k the first month, $3k the second month, and $12k the third month. Her first year full time in her business she made $50k (most of it AFTER the pandemic began) and while taking months off at a time from working.

Samantha firmly believes that EVERYTHING is unfolding to expand you into your greatness and runs her business from the juicy pleasurable space that it is ALL GOOD at all times and to constantly return to your heart and potential no matter what. Ease and flow and divine timing are her business manager, this allows for so much FREEDOM and fucking liberation so you aren't constantly stuck or comparing in your work or healing journey.

She believes that liberating sexual energy of divine creation will not only break huge ancestral cycles of pain but also free our future lineage. Bringing you back to the infinite unconditional love and eternal abundance that is present for you in every single moment. 

Guiding you through your unique way of finding ecstasy in the challenges you overcome in your life journey on your way to success. Teaching you how to juice every ounce of orgasmic pleasure by moving through shame and unworthiness as foreplay to rising into your potential. All in the name of love and abundance for all living beings as your ripple effect is wide and deep.

She works with people who are lit the fuck up about their mission and want to contribute more love to this world whether it be through business, in their family, or with their community.

Samantha is here to help you elevate your Sensuality, Sex, Business, Relationships with others and self so that you become so ALIVE you can look back on your life with a full fucking heart knowing you did not hold back.🌹

👉She is currently accepting new clients for Wild Woman CEO 1:1 and Shamanic Sex 1:1! 

All Women, Men, Transgender, etc are welcome! I do everything in my power to create safe spaces for all people and do my best as an extremely privileged white, cis-gendered, bisexual woman.💋