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  • You already are stepping into your gifts you want to share with the world but don't know how to go full time or make more money in your business.

  • You know you have money blocks but are ready to overcome them

  • You know wholeheartedly that the Freedom lifestyle is meant for you and dream of working from Bali or wherever you choose!

  • You have been on the path of investing in yourself and are ready for next level results

  • You've been manifesting and vision boarding but you're not quite sure what work you need to do to .ACTUALLY make it happen

  • You have been through some tough sh*t which can make you doubt whether things will actually work out for you.

  • You would LOVE to be able to be free from debt and treat family and friends to massages and vacations.

  • You are making SOME money with your business but are so ready to hit 10k months and more.

  • You wish you could just go to Whole Foods and buy all the organic superfoods and kombucha without worrying about the cost.

  • You feel like you are missing out on sharing your purpose with this world and connecting with your soul tribe.


  • In just a number of weeks you could be full time in your business and thriving.

  • You have multiple income streams that keep the paypal "you've received money" emails flowing. 

  • You have fully stepped into your power getting DM's and emails from your soul tribe thanking you for shining your light.

  • You have turned your 3 year goals into 6 month goals and are accomplishing them all!

  • You are making a MASSIVE impact in the world by sharing your story and creating change as a leader.

  • 3X your income so you can finally hit the road and work from anywhere in the world.

  • 3X your confidence so you are excited to respond whenever someone asks "what do you do?".

  • All those enticing dreams you've been keeping for "someday" are your new normal day.

  • Being so aligned with your worth that money feels easy to you.

  • Buying all of the crystals, home decor, spiritual retreats, Tony Robbins events, massages, moon circles, yoga classes, smoothies, and tarot readings your heart could desire.

  • People are asking you how you have achieved so much in just a few months and want to know your secrets!


I KNOW this is possible because I recently went from 0 to 12k in my own business and able to create my dream job for myself.

I spent the last four years not only self betraying my soul by bartending as my full time job (which is absolutely not my purpose) but also did not have confidence in myself or the belief that I could achieve more than I already had. I was worrying about my bills, constantly wondering what I could remove from my monthly payments. At one point I was buying my groceries from the dollar store when all I wanted was to get fresh organic foods.

During these years I felt like I was always rushing and at the mercy of everyone else's schedule. Constantly running late because I was dreading going into work and would often have panic attacks before forcing myself to leave my house. Struggling with my new sober identity having overcome alcoholism which I was using to numb a lot of past trauma and pain I was now learning how to be brave enough to face.

I envied people who seemed like they had it all figured out. They could go out to lunches and dinners with friends and go on vacations to different countries. They seemed to not feel so STUCK.


I felt as though I would never experience that level of freedom and assurance. Like I was destined to run on the rat wheel of the matrix my whole life.

Suffocated by that heavy energy of feeling not enough, scarcity mindset, comparison, and so much more, I spent a lot of time knowing I had this big purpose to serve in this world. I understood so much from my traumas and past experiences. I had survived SO MUCH and I had A LOT to share and talk about. I had a mission within my heart and spirit but was too clouded in judgement and self sabotage to even believe more was possible for me.

This past summer in 2019 I had been uploading to my Youtube channel for a few years now and had seen some success! I was making major impact and was receiving emails from humans all over the world telling me just how much my videos were helping them.

I felt so overjoyed and fulfilled. I knew I was on my path. But I couldn’t figure out the money thing.


Why was I making a huge impact but not making any money, how do I have a business serving this purpose???

This past summer I became sick and had to basically be homebound for a month and a half. I wasn’t able to work, I couldn’t pay my rent or bills, I had to let go of my car. 

My confidence hit an all time low and I was experiencing an IMMENSE amount of shame and guilt. Even with all I had accomplished it was like it suddenly was wiped away.

When I started to recover I decided to give it my all.

No more playing small. I hired a business coach (paying for the first month with money I borrowed from my boyfriend) and got to work.

Became certified in a range of beautiful tools that helped me completely reprogram my subconscious beliefs, ideas around success, and further healing past pain. All of this helped me install fully empowered version of myself, create abundance rituals every day for success, and have the bravery required to jump all in.

Within 2 week I made $1,500. 

I made $3,000 my following month. And the third month I 4X my income and made $12,000.  



  • I am a successful Reiki Master, Modern Shaman, NLP + EFT Practicioner, and Hypnotherapist and started my business where I help more women magnetize everything they desire to them at a level they have never experienced.

  • My Youtube Channel has a Million views.

  • My writing has been officially published by major sites.

  • I receive countless emails from women saying they have massively healed and transformed thanks to my 7 Step Healing Guide in ways that YEARS of therapy hasn't been able to do

  • Images from my Instagram have gone viral, to a combined audience of over 3 million people!

  • I have over 7 income streams that flow effortlessly.

  • I frequently dance around my city singing and handing out flowers to strangers. (get a bunch of daisies and try it yourself--the BEST feelings of love and abundance).

  • I am in the proccess of writing my own Self Development book to be added to those shelves of people I admire.

but MOST importantly, I have chosen to be brave and share my stories and ideas with this world. I showed up, declared my worth and my desires, and I get to connect with and support the most incredible women I could ever DREAM of knowing.





**Due to the Coronavirus pandemic it has never been a more imortant time to create an income for yourself online. The time to step up into your work as a leader online is now. My heart goes out to everyone working in the service industry and as an artist. I don't know what I would do if I was still bartending. 

Because of this Enrollment is temporarily NOW OPEN until March 25th!

Limited spots available

The perfect mixture of aligning with your bravest most badass self who isn't afraid to go after her dreams, setting up rivers of abundance, following proven strategies, and having an amazing community of likeminded sisters cheering you on!

This is the ONLY Mastermind of it's kind that helps you reprogram subconscious beliefs, reach energetic mastery, install new concepts of yourself, dive deep into your intuition and spirit guides, and a proven success strategy for heart centered business ALL IN ONE.

I am so excited to invite you to expand with me.

This is a conscious business mastermind revolving around creating eternal abundance and security within and giving you the tools and strategy to create the external abundance to match. This is for heart centerd spiritual entreprenuers who are ready to use their gifts to expand the vision of heaven on Earth and show up fully in their power. 



Something wild is being birthed from me, & I’ve just decided to lean fully in.

I am making some energetic space in my heart, mind, & schedule so I can focus on developing & ushering in all of the information I have been channeling from the moon, the sun, & the rainbow.

I have been receiving the download for multiple days now to drastically reduce the exchange &structure of Brave Money Goddess so I can serve more Brave Women in creating the businesses, abundance& life they could ever dream of, AND make some space for this new form of healing to be birthed.

So I am reducing BMG from $3,300 to $497. Yup. And instead of weekly deep dives for 12 weeks & then continuous monthly support, it will just all be monthly support.

Once a month we’ll all come together &support each other in bravely overcoming your doubts, self sabotage, road blocks, & fear as you go through the many many ego deaths that becoming an entrepreneur will inspire.

Everything you need to know is in this program. Mindset, magic, strategy, eft, hypnosis, shamanic journeys, ads, funnels, how to operate your business from your heart chakra, how change your concept of yourself into your Brave Woman self, how to master your energy so you can show up even when you’re scared. It’s all there.

Plus the sisterhood Facebook group of alums, plus the unlimited (at least a year)of monthly support calls.

This is actually f*%£ing nuts that I’m doing this but I’m listening to spirit &following the download.

A lot of you have been reaching out to me with money blocks & concerns so I set up a payment plan of $124 every 2 weeks. So there’s 4 total. 
I can’t run this revolution alone. I need you all thriving too. I need you feeling empowered & supported too. I need you having all the tools you need so we can meet at the top of the mountain & look out at the beautiful world vision we have brought to life.

This is it.
Thank you for shining, thanks for sticking with my whacky self as I leap into this next chapter.

Thanks for being brave & owning your magic.

You can get started today, dreams don’t have to wait. 

**This includes the membership site, the facebook group, and monthly support call.**




-alchemizing old beliefs, gaining massive clarity on what you want to create + receive, letting it be known-


Even OPRAH has mentors and coaches to keep her accountable! Such a key part of taking massive leaps in life and being able to give more because you are supported more. You are ready to get your voice OUT there and start a movement.


Powerful success planning calls with Sam to customize the program and create a powerful success plan. Answering any and all specific questions. Aligning and soaring through blocks and fear with fun and connection with new business sisters.


Mindfully hacking your subconscious to undoubtly move PAST your old traumas and show up as the Bravest You that is more confident, certain, and respected than ever before. Rid yourself of self doubt, self sabotage, insecurities, low self worth, bad habits, etc!


Rituals for your energy, morning and night rituals for gauranteed integration of material. Helping you quantum leap with EFT tapping, creating sacred space, abundance rituals, witchy practices and so much more!


All the fine details and information you need to move past money blocks, create new opportunities, set up rivers of abundance, money and time management, social media planning, journal prompts, mindset work, and all the goddess boss fine details that will align.


Everything you need to create your thriving impactful business that makes sales and provides the freedom schedule you've been wanting


Full on deep dive into your energetic system removing Chakra blockages, misalignments, where trauma has kept you energetically stagnant in your body. Connecting with spirit guides, receiving an overall Chakra rejuvenation and aura reinforcement! So powerful, you will instantly feel relaxed, transformed, more connected to spirit.


I seriously believe support is the #1 thing that determines your success. You can read every business book under the sun but knowing HOW it applies to you and your business specifically is VITAL. That's why I offer group Q+A calls for every Brave Money Goddess Alum for as long as the program exists.


Being in a Group Program like this helps you connect with new soul sisters and humans on such a deep level as you reach to expand your income and impact. Sharing your souls purpose has never been more fun!


"Working with Sam was one of the BEST decisions I've ever made! She helped me not only work through disempowering beliefs and blocks that I was aware of, but she also guided me in uncovering ones I had no idea were there! When I came to Sam, I was lost, unhappy, struggling to make ends meet and feeling like I would always be stuck. Since working with her, my finances have cleaned up, my business as a Tarot reader and creator of chain wear has skyrocketed, I've found my calling as a coach (and frequently work with her on developing this calling) and I not only see the beauty in my life, I FEEL it!

If you're thinking of working with Sam, stop thinking and do it! You're soul led you to her for a reason, just like mine did.

Thank you so much Sam for all the life changing work you've done with me! I am forever grateful that your soul found mine!

Brooke Kathleen



Schedule your FREE support call by clicking below!

**Enrollment is NOW OPEN until February 23rd**



You have so much power to change the world,if you are brave enough to share your message.

"I just started working with Sammy a few days ago, because for years I’ve known I should be sharing my passion and purpose online to reach a bigger audience and make a difference in people's lives. But thinking about how I was going to share it with the world often overwhelmed me and I would analyze to the point where I was basically paralyzed. Relate much?! I knew I didn't want to just randomly throw out my life's work haphazardly, yet I was unclear of how to strategically begin sharing my work to eventually monetize.

And then BOOM Sammy to the rescue!!! She helped me break down the details of how to start sharing my content in an effective, efficient manner with purpose and clarity. Just in the last few days I have been working with her I feel so much more confident and able to tackle (or should i say hug:)) this online world! Her Brave Money Goddess course is helping me take my dream business idea and turn it into a reality with relatively easy scalable steps. With the combination of her kind encouragement, her course, and belief that I CAN do it, I feel more prepared than ever! I can do it, I am doing it, thanks to the guidance of Sammy!"


-Jacob Patrick Ellis

"Before working with Sammy I was dealing with a lot of issues from past trauma and knew that I wanted to work with her specifcally for this. I was dealing with self doubt anxiety and a plack of power. Sammy has given me so many tools to help me step into this power and to heal past trauma.

I love the hypnosis and routines she gives me. Plus all the dancing and body movement. It has really helped me break out of my shell and given me the confidence to take a lot of action in my business. I have built a website and I'm now offering coaching services. I am pushing past fear and into a new version of myself. She has really helped me embrace myself and accept where I am in the process. All while pushing myself at the same time. There is no way that I would have made this much progress in my life and business without having Sammy by my side as my coach. I adore her!"

-Heather, Hypnosis Art Therapy Life Coach


"Sammy’s offerings will elevate your energy and your life. Studying Reiki Level I, participating in her Moon Gatherings, and being in her divinely inspired presence have changed my life profoundly in the most positive, heart opening ways. Her love of teaching, inclusive nature, patience with the learning process of her clients, and passion for service ooze out of her and everything she births into the world.  She is an Earth angel. Go work with her this second! Your life will be transformed if you do."

Bri Crowley

Truth is, when you're brave enough to heal your past and own your worth, the whole world unfolds at your feet.


You command life the way you know you are capable. Showing up with a full heart, sharing your wisdom, launching your business, starting your youtube channel, finally writing that book, submitting your poetry to be published, hosting those retreats, signing up for that certification program and coming out of the closet with your unique magnificence you have been too scared to show everyone.
Imagine everyone knowing you as the go-to person for tarot, reiki, herbal care, yoga, meditation, self-love, human design, poetry, etc.

2X or 3X your income, creating a beautiful tribe, hosting events, and having SO MUCH FUN getting paid to be yourself!

Working less while having more freedom and helping the world.


Okay YES! This sounds amazing but what are the dollars and cents?!

Look I want to be honest with you, I was super hesitant to invest in myself, especially the first time. But DECIDING to bet on youself is one of the single handed most tranformational and important decisions you will ever make in your entire life.

I'm saying this because--if you are reading this right now, it's because you know there is so much more out there for you! You know it deep in your heart. And whether or not you join this program with me or someone elses,

I do not care.

What I do care about is that whatever it is you are dreaming of doing, you do it, wholeheartedly, full force without any excuses.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox haha.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk...

The Pay In Full Option is for you fast action brave babes! at $497

Click here! if this is you.

Or I offer extremely accessible payment plan at $124.25 every 2 weeks for 4 installments. 

Click here! to reserve your spot with your first payment.

This pricing is a limited time offer and will be going up in just a few weeks.


What will my life look like after the Brave Money Goddess Program?


  • your income has 3X since you started your business, followed my Brave Woman formula.

  • you feel amazing being able to take your friends out to the spa and donating to chartities.

  • you're always feeling confident enough to have those brave conversations in relationships, business, friendships, and family because you have UNWAVERING self-love and compassion for others.

  • You are finally booking those soul enriching retreats to Hawaii and Thailand!

  • you are totally in control of your day and time and never get fearful about money

  • you're life feels like a dream not because everything is perfect but because you have transformed into a resilient badass woman who knows her worth, leads with her heart, and doesn't back down from challenges.

  • your outter world of wardrobe, home decor, spiritual tools, etc have been up-leveled to match your new higher self inner world

  • you have manifested that new car, relationship, job, business that you've been dreaming of.

  • you don't even remember why you let all those negative beliefs and self sabotage hold you back

  • comparison and perfectionism is a thing of the past! you own your unique divine worth and life is one big sacred celebration!


Where do I even begin??? I was 1st introduced to Sam's content about a year and a half ago, and it's been such a pleasure seeing her transformation in her content and within her self. She bridges the topic of spirituality from the Law of Positivity standpoint but also includes the "let's talk about our deep rooted trauma and not BS ourselves" view. Upon hearing and watching Sam, we all just become bffs with her because she is so warm and invting no matter what topic she's speaking about. She has such a pure and loving soul and truly lives, speaks, and shares authentically from her heart. While driving today I listened to a few episodes and lightbulbs were going off in my head in each one. Knowing that she's only a couple years older than I am, and she's done THIS MUCH and transformed THIS MUCH in even such the short amount of time that I've been following her has given me so much inspiration to FINALLY take action within my own life and do the things that I've promised myself that I'd do. Thannk you sweetie, you da real MVP <3

I've messaged you before but thank you! Your kind words on your stories, posts, and videos help me recenter myself and know and value my worth in hard times (this year has been a whirlwind) but you make me value myself and whenever I have a slight doubt you post and it's like magic like you post just when I need it. I hope you know you have an impact on people.



especially on this level, thats why i'm with you every step of the way, helping you become the FUCK YES version of yourself who is just so unapologetically brave, authentic, full of love, and abundant as fuck living out her dreams. you so got this!

This pricing will only be available for a little while longer until it goes up!