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A complete energy system overhaul

Receive Reiki Healing Sessions for 15 minutes every single day over the course of 30 days.

The Sun and The Moon have been teaching me so much recently.

They have been showing me a whole new level and form of energy healing.

Still utilizing Reiki but in a more in depth and thorough way of transmutation.

They have showed me where we store stuck emotions and energies that don’t belong to us or serve our potential, how to clear the pain and toxic stagnation in them, and how to fill that space with love and acceptance creating new seeds of life where there was once only deep pain.

This is a complete and thorough energetic overhaul of your system.

Rewiring, clearing, and rejuvenating through a process of receiving this form of Reiki every single day for 30 days.

This is perfect way to commit to your evolution as we begin a new month! 

This is a condensed intensive distance session where you will pick a time to receive the energy healing every single day for 15 minutes.

If you’re ready to clear out negative, stagnant, resistant, limiting energies and bloom into your highest potential through this deep dive into your system realignment.

You don’t need to specifically be awake or laying down to receive but I believe it can be extremely beneficial to tune into yourself during this time.

Really looking to work with humans doing the work within and using this as a launch pad for major expansion.

This is for the individual seeking to do the healing work but doesn't have the time for a full hour or two hour long in person session.

We will keep in contact via email to support you during this month.

Reiki deeply heals you mind, body, and spirit.

These mini sessions can help you:

- Align and regulate your chakras every single day.

- Accelerates the bodies natural healing process and ability

- Relieves pain and stress

- Promote deep rest and healing during sleep

- Put you in a state of ease and calm

- Energize you in the morning so you are grounded and feeling your best

- help you break through major energetic blocks and stagnant energies keeping you stuck

- heal emotional wounds and enhance love

- release negative thinking patterns, beliefs, + emotional weight. 

- creates a grounded foundation for spiritual growth + support

- help connect you to your dreams even deeper

Exchange is $199

If you want to utilize the payment plan of two payments over 3 weeks click here.

you will receive an email from sammybelove@gmail.com after submitting your payment to set up agreed upon time.

*photo by @cassoneill


dive deeper into your ability to heal yourself and others

You will learn:

Reiki Level 2 is for incorporating the sacred symbols and distance healing methods into your practice so you can use Reiki healing for anyone in the world regardless of location.

Second degree attunement ceremony provides this quantum ability.

This level strengthens your connection with Reiki energy as you deepen your gifts.

Everything you need to know about Chakras

How to conduct your own Reiki healing business.

How to protect your own energy during healing sessions and in life

How to develop a deep relationship with spirit while showing up to do this work on yourself or others.

How Reiki can help you awaken your psychic gifts

How to interpret messages from spirit

We will do a number of energetic exercises as well as journeys to meet your Reiki Guide and construct your inner "reiki room".

We will also have a Reiki Level 2 attunement ceremony.

This is a 4 hour intensive.

Exchange is $250.

You will receive:

Your Level 2 certificate

Your Reiki Lineage going all the way back to the creator

The Reiki Two Manual

Only requirements are to wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook and pen, take care of yourself before and after by drinking a lot of water, getting good sleep, giving yourself tender space and healing fresh foods!

It lasts around 3.5/4 hours depending on questions and things like that. I provide tea, and snacks goodies.

Exchange is $250

Click here to reserve your spot!

Only 3 spaces left.

Join us in this gorgeous West Philly healing space with a beautiful group of loving humans as you unlock this new level of energetic expansion and gifts.

*photo by @cassoneill


For tranformative 1:1 support

This potent 1:1 90min portal supports you through energy healing and takes you deep within your energetic system allowing you the space and guidance to:

+release stagnant energy

+find acceptance in areas where you hold pain or trauma

+receive messages from guides, angels, ancestors, light beings, spirit animals, past lives, etc.

+balance your energetic system

+completely relieve your body from the fight or flight state and access the most potent state of healing with your parasympathetic nervous system

+reiki improves sleep, strengthens your immune system, improves digestion, speeds pyshical and emotional healing

The reason why my sessions are Shamanic Reiki Sessions are due to my connection with the spirit world and the way spirits interact with you and myself in such a beautiful and supportive way during the session.

We enter and leave the hour long session with crystal sound bowls, followed by a 30 minute discussion of what came up.

I record this and send it to you to access again and again as well as prescribe rituals to support you further during your energetic shift.

These are distance (held over zoom)

and in person.

Exchange is $150

Bundle 3 sessions for $333

click here to purchase the bundle, you will receive a special scheduling link after.


Connecting you to the ancient wisdom that supports you.

This powerful offering can be used to gain massive clarity on a life challenge, receive wisdom from ancestors, spirit guides, power animals, light beings, plant + stone allies, elements + more.

Sam journeys into the spirit world for you through Shamanic techniques on a quest to receive messages from your helping spirits about your shared question/intention. She will bring back a vision, healing, metaphor, story, information that your spirit guides want to communicate with you. These journeys are also helpful to get insights from your guides on how you can open + expand your intuitive gifts yourself. These sessions also serve as ways to heal ancestral wounds, cut cords with negative behaviors + patterns, get to the root of a self sabotaging behavior, help you retrieve a lost soul piece, provide instructions on releasing spirits, and so on. 

These sessions are perfect for those who are

+receiving mixed messages from spirit, +are having trouble connecting to their divine guides,

+are developing their psychic gifts and would like guidance directly from the spirit world

+those going through a major transition in life 

+those doing a massive healing/clearing emotionally and energetically

+those in search of a deeper meaning and connection with life

These are profound sessions and messages

Exchange is $139 

you will receive an email from sammybelove@gmail.com after submitting your payment to book your Shamanic Reading.

*These are all conducted online through email*

You will receive an audio recording giving an in depth retelling of the journey with all key information your guides want you to know as well as some suggested rituals for further implementation.


Fully awaken your innate abilities to heal and transform with radical support.

Sam offers Reiki 1, 2, and the 3rd Master Teacher Level attunement and Certification.

Online + In Person.

For the Brave human on a journey of self healing or looking to embark on a healing business. 

Being attuned to Reiki helps you unlock your invisible senses and psychic gifts even further.

Allowing you to access the energetic and spirit world in a way you have yet to embark on.

Reiki Level 1 is for self healing and intro to healing others. The complete foundation for harnessing this life force energy, tuning into the bodies Chakra system, how to read energy, how to conduct a session and business, how to give sessions to others, and so much more. This is one of the most comprehensive classes. 4/5 hour intensive day training followed up with check in call a week later.

Exchange is $350.

Reiki Level 2 is for incorporating the sacred symbols and distance healing methods into your practice so you can use Reiki healing for anyone in the world regardless of location. Second degree attunement ceremony provides this quantum ability. This level strengthens your connection with Reiki energy as you deepen your gifts. This is a 3.5 hour intensive.

Exchange is $250.

Reiki Level 3/Master Teacher is for incorportaing the powerful master symbols and attunement into your system for the highest frequency and channel of Reiki energy. 

This attunment and training will also teach you how to perform attunement ceremonies and certify others yourself for every level! This is a 4 hour 1 day intensive. Continued support via email and week after check in call for integration.

Exchange is $600.

Click the link below to schedule your online attunement. If you are able to pay in full then a $100 deposit secures your spot and the rest can be exchanged before the training.

For in person email sammybelove@gmail.com for scheduling :)


Unravel deep healing, gifts, intuition, and so much more

These potent Distance Shamanic Reiki Sessions are perfect for humans along the spiritual path who are ready to

+ dive deep into their blocks,

+ inner wounds healing,

+ spiritual evolution,

+ tuning into their intuitive gifts even more,

+ past life healing,

+ spirit guide and angel connection,

+ soul retrieval,

+ energetic system realignment, 

+ ancestral healing and connection

+ develop your ability to connect with the spirit world

+ awaken your invisible senses

+ unravel the deep magic of life

+ receive massive healing and energeti upgrades

We will have a 1 hour Distance Shamanic Reiki Session complete with sound healing, journeys, and finished with diving into what came through during the healing session. You are then suggested rituals to help you dig deep into the transformation and magic of this work. 

Minimum of 3 sessions together, 6 or 9 are suggested.

$399 for 3 sessions click here.

$678 for 6 sessions (Save $120) click here.

$1,017 for 9 sessions (Save $180) click here.

If you would like to set up a payment plan just email sammybelove@gmail.com

Special scheduling link will be sent to you in a confirmation email after payment is received.


Creating Your Sacred Space

One of Sam's new favorite offerings! Creating Sacred Space is an ancient practice of cleansing the stagnant or negative energy + unwanted spirits and then blessing your home, filling it with love and vitality to support you during a major life transition.

Some examples:

- a new year

- a raise

- moving

- breakups/divorce

- birthdays

- marriage 

- new babies

- graduation, new career

- any other major life shift you would like to honor whether it just be a spiritual expansion

Sam journeys into the spirit world and connects deeply with the spirit of your home/apartment/land/business in order to receive more information on how to best serve the ceremony and harmonious energetic outcome.

Using ancient techniques with the elements, herbs, symbols and sound she communicates with other spirits that may have taken residence in your home. 

Using powerful Reiki and Shamanic Practices she transmutes the energy of the space until it is clear. 

Following the clearing is a blessing ceremony using sacred tools and practices. 

This powerful practice can be done in person or remotely.

The entire ceremony could take up to 2 hours not including travel if local to Philadelphia

Exchange is $444

you will receive an email from sammybelove@gmail.com after submitting your payment to book your home clearing + blessing ceremony.

*photo by @cassoneill