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Jessica Maxwell

I was drawn to working with Sammy because of her radical acceptance of herself and others, her empowered approach to healing, and the way she made her business look so fun and easy yet powerful. I was still working at my office job and didn’t have a business set up at that time, but I knew deep down that I had to work with her. I tried to convince myself out of it because I was scared to commit financially, but I just couldn’t fight my intuition telling me I had to hire her and be in her energy. And thank f*ck I did!!! I can’t even express how grateful and relieved I am that I took the plunge.

Working with Sammy has changed my life (and I don’t say that lightly). I wanted to work with her for both healing and business purposes and have definitely seen huge leaps in both areas. I started with no business, and within the space of three months I had quit my office job, created my first offering and was running a group program, and within four months I had then gained two 1:1 clients. I knew I wanted to quit my job and do my own thing but I was so unsure whether it would be possible for me. If you had told me that within a matter of weeks I’d have a fully-flowing business I honestly wouldn’t have believed it. And what has been even more valuable than the tangible results is the way Sammy has guided me into creating a business that actually feels good for me AND promotes my own healing. I was so deeply conditioned to believe that you had to work insanely hard and really long hours to achieve success, and Sammy introduced me to a completely new way that feels so good. I’m not having to self-sacrifice to bring my passion and my desire to help others into the world in the form of a business. My mindset around money, work and “success” is completely different.

It’s hard to put into words all the ways that Sammy has helped and guided me (and continues to do so), but thanks to her love, her wisdom, her energy, her knowledge, her experience and her spirit, I am a completely different person and on a completely different path to where I was half a year ago. She has brought me back to my power, back to self-trust and self-love. She has helped me become more of myself and share that with the world. She showed me that healing and creating a business can go hand in hand, and that we can feel joy, gratitude and reverence for life throughout it all. I think perhaps the greatest gift she has given me (or guided me to stepping into) is knowing that I can do anything I want to in this life and that I can trust myself with every single decision I make. Her embodiment of this level of liberation and authenticity has brought that out in me too. There is no bypassing, no shame and no “shoulds” with Sammy. We talk about such deep topics and her solutions are always grounded in so much love and compassion. This is a big statement but I can confidently say that I have never met anyone with as much love to give as her, she is the most beautiful soul and I feel so lucky to be mentored by her. Thank you Sam!!!